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I came here looking for weight loss or meal plan support and have never heard of intuitive eating but I want to learn more.

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I want to dive deeper to stop dieting and out-of-control eating but without the hassle of finding space for appointments.

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I’ve looked into intuitive eating or anti-diet approaches, I’m ready to leave dieting in the past and I want to truly make peace with food!

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What is intuitive eating?

My counselling uses an intuitive eating framework combining cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and nutrition counselling to change the way you think about food and reconnect with your body to guide your eating.

By removing the rules and restriction around food while also learning how to tune into your body's wisdom you can create a trusting and happy relationship with both food and body.

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In this FREE training and guide you will learn why you feel so stressed around food and 5 steps you can take for a peaceful relationship with food.

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Hi, I'm Emma

Your intuitive eating counsellor and dietitian

Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat so you can stop obsessing over food? I used to think I could help clients this way too but then I realised it doesn't work.

Food plays such an important role in our emotions and social life as well as the nutrition it provides. The only way you can truly find peace with food is to reconnect with your body to guide your eating.

Thankfully I discovered non-diet approaches and Intuitive Eating so I can support my clients to feel confident around food.


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