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Coaching support for women who are ready to ditch food and body stress and get their lives back

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What do you need to live life to the fullest?

Escape obsessive food thoughts

Constant, obsessive food thoughts hold you back. Create mental space for relationships, work, friendships, passions and values- for the life you want to live.

Tune in and trust your inner wisdom

You were born with the innate wisdom to eat and move in the way that is best for your body. Reconnect with your body's internal signals and feel your self-esteem grow

Improve your physical and mental health

Health is made up of so much more than food and exercise. Letting go of a strict focus allows you to tune in and improve health from the inside out.

All women deserve to live life to the fullest. Free from societal body ideals and rigid food rules holding them back from true happiness.

Freedom coaching supports you to take back control of your life through:

1-to-1 professional coaching with your registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counsellor.

Weekly modules with video, worksheets and accountability tasks supported by your professional coach.

A community of women on a similar journey to help celebrate and support your progress.

"My body has always been larger than my friends so I believed I needed to be on a diet. With Emma, I learned to respect my body and trust my internal eating signals. I no longer feel in a fight with my body and it's improved all aspects of my life."

- Monica
12 week coaching client

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