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Take the stress out of food.

Supporting you to feel good around food.


My unique method supports you to reframe how you think about food, build connection with your body and feel confident in your food choices.
So instead of spending your life trying to control food, food supports you to live the life you want.
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Food is emotional. We are supposed to feel pleasure and connection through eating. Food is suppposed to comfort and soothe. But if food is feeling stressful, it's bringing up difficult emotion or you feel an out-of-control drive toward food, I'm here to help.

Using a weight inclusive, non-diet and trauma-informed framework, you will reduce uncomfortable eating such as binge or emotional eating and ultimately heal your relationship with food and body.

We all deserve to feel at peace around food and in our bodies.

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Hi, I'm Emma

I'm a Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. I use an anti-diet, weight inclusive approach to health and nutrition.

Attempting to control our bodies through diets and weight loss attempts is not healthy. Most of the time it leads to stressful eating experiences such as emotional eating and feeling disconnected from our bodies.

Let's change this. I support you to uncover the root cause of why food feels stressful and use this information to change your relationship with food. - for life.

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Food & Life freedom with Emma Townsin Podcast

The intuitive eating and anti-diet podcast

The Food & Life Freedom Podcast is here to help you explore your relationship with food and body, to overcome out-of-control eating such as binge or emotional eating and take the guilt out of food.


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