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Food isn't supposed to feel stressful

I'm here to help you stop dieting and find a happy and healthy relationship with food and your body.


Welcome to Food Life Freedom!


I'm so glad you found the Food Life Freedom community. At Food Life Freedom we don't believe in food rules and certaintly don't want our lives to be controlled by food. We use a weight inclusive, non-diet and compassionate approach called intuitive eating to help you stop dieting, reduce uncomfortable eating such as binge or emotional eating and ultimately heal your relationship with food and body.

We all deserve to feel at peace around food and in our body.

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Eliz, UK and travelling

I’ve had the best experience working with Emma and learning from her as well as re-framing my mindset around what it means to be healthy, my attitude towards food and morality around it. She asks you lots of questions during the sessions to understand your attitude towards health/food/nutrition and dieting. For me I always wanted to focus on healthy eating rather than follow any strict habits and with Emma we discussed what this would mean and how to avoid the stress and anxiety one gets around eating too much or too little or the ‘wrong things’. She has a very calming presence, is lovely and understanding and a pleasure to interact with. Highly recommend exploring what food and nutrition means for you and how to get there without dieting! Thanks Emma

Cortni, UK

This email and the followup pdf you attached was very helpful. I have come a long way! I am enjoying thinking about next steps and trying to approach how to feed my body with food and movement that make me feel good and also try to incorporate some of the knowledge about the benefits of eating a variety of foods will give me over time.


I have really enjoyed working with you and I most certainly will be speaking to you again soon.

Cortni, UK









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