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Anti-diet, weight inclusive and trauma informed.


Food is not supposed to be stressful.

What if recovery from stressful eating meant more than just feeling good around food?

→ What if it also meant building trust and connection with your body?

→ What if it also meant feeling free of trying to meet body ideals set out in our culture?

→ What if it also meant being part of a movement to break down the oppressive and discriminatory body and health ideals that exist in our culture?



At Food Life Freedom you are supported to stop feeling stressed around food. But in doing that, we break down the reasons why food feels stressful.

We aren't only stressed because of the eating itself but because of what we are made to believe about eating in this way.

  • The fear of what food will do to your body
  • The fear of what eating in this way says about your character
  • The fear of how we will be perceived by others
  • The fear of failing to eat "healthy"

The thing is, we are made to believe many unhelpful ideals about food and our body. We are made to believe we must adhere to these ideals to be healthy.

But it is these ideals and the morality that they are attached to that largely contributes to feeling stressed around food.

We don't eat in isolation, food serves in our whole life. If food feels stressful, it affects us on a deeper level.


Stressful and emotional eating support

At Food Life freedom you learn much more than how to navigate the stressful eating moment. You are supported with the knowledge and skills to build body connection and to change your behaviours through rewiring your neural pathways. You are supported to find what works for your body and let go of cultural ideals around food, health and bodies.

True liberation from stressful eating comes from true body and food liberation.

The Anti-Diet Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating is a weight-inclusive, anti-diet and trauma informed online course to help you find true food and life freedom.

Start to overcome stressful and emotional eating today

At Food Life Freedom we do more than just liberate you from stressful eating.

We're taking down down diet culture too.

Diet culture is a system of beliefs prominent in our culture that ties body size to worth and idealised eating to morality. The messages are so normalised that they largely go by unquestioned, even when they are causing harm. This is how diet culture hurts.

Food Life Freedom is anti-diet culture. 


Meet the founder



Hi, I'm Emma Townsin

Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


The serious stuff

My qualifications


I work with you as a UK Registered Dietitian and practice from a health at every size (HAES), weight inclusive and trauma-informed lens so you can find your food and life freedom. 

I am:

  • A UK registered healthcare provider with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC DT28209) specialised in eating disorders and stressful eating.
  • A Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor (CIEC) with an official certification through Intuitive Eating PRO with Evelyn Tribole.

University degrees:

  • Master of dietetics, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (2012).
  • Honours research¬†year in food science and nutrition, Deakin University, Melbourne Australia (2010).
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Nutrition and psychology (2009)

Additional training and supervision:

  • Hormone health and eating disorders: clinical and counseling essentials for dietitians with EDRDPro - in progress
  • Trauma informed care with Fiona Sutherland and Tracy Brown
  • Digestive disorders and eating disorders with Marci Evans RD
  • Intuitive Eating PRO course with Evelyn Tribole
  • I am a member of my professional body - The British Dietetics Association as well as specialist organisations EDRDPro and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellors, through which I complete regular professional development training webinars.
  • I¬†engage in regular supervision with an eating disorder specialist dietitian and intuitive eating proessionals.
  • Additionally I work as a Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian in an NHS eating disorder¬†service.

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

UK registered healthcare provider

Registered dietitian nutritionist

The fun stuff

Facts about me


  • I moved to the UK in 2015 for a short stay and just never left. Although I grew up in Australia I also have family in the UK so I feel at home here as well.
  • Spending time in green (or blue) space¬† is important for my mental health. I often break up my days with a walk in the local park or along the canal and I love weekends away in the mountains.
  • I love all sorts of food but the foods I miss if they are not available are my basic everyday things like cheddar cheese and grainy bread.
  • My current favourite way to ‚Äúread‚ÄĚ is with an audiobook - I particularly love listening to an audio book while walking in a park.¬†

Now I'd love to learn about you!

Ready to ditch stressful and emotional eating?

The Anti-Diet Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating is a weight-inclusive, anti-diet and trauma informed online course to help you find true food and life freedom.

I want to overcome stressful and emotional eating!