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Food doesn't have to feel stressful

Hey there, I’m Emma!

I flew from Australia to the UK in 2015 for a short stay and never left. I love the excitement of the city as much as the tranquility of nature and my favourite way to start the day is with a coffee and audiobook on the balcony. Once upon a time I thought I held the answer to what you should eat, now I know you hold all the answers.

I don’t believe in willpower. I do believe in developing trust and understanding with your body. The things that bring me the most joy are enjoying foods from all over the world, being on top of a mountain and my sense of curiosity. I am passionate that food provides pleasure and supports us in living our lives to the fullest. It brings me much excitement to see you develop a peaceful and happy relationship with food and body.

Let’s improve your relationship with food

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

UK registered healthcare provider

Registered dietitian nutritionist

About Food Life Freedom

My mission at Food Life Freedom is to support you to ditch dieting and reclaim your confidence. Our world is surrounded by food misinformation and body shame. We are constantly made to feel we are not enough and sold diets to “fix” ourselves. Along with my empowered women, I am calling this out because dieting is stealing our lives.


If you are a woman who feels confused by what you should eat, experience food fears or second guess your food choices, obsess over what to eat or experience uncomfortable eating such as emotional or binge eating - you’re in the right place. I want you to experience happiness and connection from food and to develop the confidence to live your life in exactly the way you want.

What you can expect

When you think of a dietitian, do you think of meal plans and food rules to follow? I used to think I was the expert in telling people what to eat, until I realised this does not work.

You are the expert in your body, I am the expert in guiding you to develop trust and understanding. And perhaps bust some harmful food myths along the way!

I additionally trained as a counsellor in intuitive eating so my sessions feel more like a counselling session than a traditional dietetics consultation. During our time together we explore your relationship with food, dive into the biology and psychology of the eating experience and gain clarity on the role food plays in your life (and the role you want it to play). You will be supported with activities to guide your transformation to a peaceful and happy relationship with food and body.

You deserve to have a peaceful and happy relationship with food and body.

Let's improve your relationship with food

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