Stop obsessing over food

by ditching diets and developing confidence in your body

I'm Done With Dieting - £27

As women we are raised to feel our most important goal in life is to shrink our body.

I'm calling this out because dieting is stealing our lives.

How dieting hurts us

Weight regain

The majority of dieters gain back the weight (and often more) after dieting. It is not because of willpower or poor dietary habits but rather our body's innate biological and psychological responses to the famine (diet).

Binge-restrict cycles

Obsessive and constant food cravings, emotional eating and binge eating are extremely common side-effects of dieting. Often we blame the food itself and try further to restrict but this just drives this cycle further.

Poor mental health

A constant focus on weight loss or perfect eating leads to a low or erratic mood, irritability, poor focus, less participation in social events, less connection with others and reduced passion in other areas of life.

Many women stay stuck in the dieting cycle because...

  • They think food freedom means neglecting their health when really a positive relationship with food improves both your physical and mental health.
  • They tell themselves that once they lose weight they will live their lives to the fullest, but they never actually feel worthy enough.
  • They feel there must be something innately wrong with them when really it is the food rules making them feel out of control around food.
  • Through years of diet culture messaging they have lost their innate ability to eat intuitively so when they ditch dieting, they don't know how to eat.
  • When they try ditching dieting they feel completely out of control around food but the problem is they have not reclaimed their intuitive eater.

To ditch dieting you need an alternative to following food rules. That is, you need to learn to work with your body, stop fighting against it.

This is how I can help you stop dieting for good!



Welcome to... Done With Dieting

This is your guide to stop dieting without losing control around food...

  • You're done with obsessing over food ALL the time and ready to let food be just one easy part of your life
  • You want the confidence and headspace to be in the moment with your family and friends without being distracted by food and body thoughts
  • You're sick of calculating and counting everything you eat but fear you will lose control and gain weight if you stop
  • You are committed to stop food stress and body shame being passed down to the next generation of women
  • You are Done With Dieting and ready to find freedom from food and body obsession

What's included:

Module 1. Letting go of dieting

In this module we will explore the cultural constructs that keep women feeling unworthy, seeking to stay small and how you can stop being controlled by unrealistic women's ideals.

You will learn: Identifying diet culture + how to stop being sucked back in.


Plus bonuses:

  • Video: I'm scared of weight gain - if this is holding you back from intuitive eating, watch this video!
  • Worksheet: Becoming a diet culture detective - notice the messages around so you don't get pulled back in

Module 2. From Self control to self care

In this module we will explore how dieting uses a self control framework which keeps you in a fight with your body and why adopting a self care framework will improve your health and wellbeing.

You will learn: Why self control is bad for your health + how to adopt self care behaviours.

 Plus bonuses:

  • Video: Why can't I stop dieting, even when it is causing me harm - break the cycle even when you have never broken free before 
  • Worksheet: Reframing behaviours - Discover which behaviours to keep and which are causing you harm

Module 3. Reclaiming your intuitive eater

In this module we will explore how intuitive eating uses interoceptive awareness to tune back into your body to guide your eating for lifelong food and body freedom.

You will learn: What intuitive eating is + how to start eating intuitively.

 Plus bonuses:

  • Worksheet: Reclaiming your intuitive eater - the simple 3-step approach
  • Quiz: Intuitive eating assessment - know which principles to start working on

Be Done With Dieting For Good


✔️Video: Letting go of diet culture 

✔️Video: From Self control to self care

✔️Video: Reclaiming your intuitive eater

✔️Worksheet: Becoming a diet culture detective

✔️Worksheet: Reframing behaviours

✔️Video: The fear of weight gain

✔️Video: Why do I keep going back to dieting

✔️Worksheet: Reclaiming your intuitive eater

✔️Quiz: How much of an intuitive eater are you?

All this for only £27!

Yes, I need this!

Imagine if food didn't take over your mind all the time but eating just came naturally.

How would that impact on your career?

What passions would it open up space for?

How would it impact your relationships?

What would your children's future look like if they didn't learn to hate their body? 

How would your life be different if...

  • You could TRUST your body to tell you when to start eating AND when to stop eating
  • You only thought about food when you were actually hungry, not all the time
  • You were CONFIDENT in your body and never tried to hide it away
  • You could eat a meal out with friends without stressing about eating too much
  • You got PLEASURE from eating without feeling uncomfortably full
  • You had the energy and headspace to live your life to the fullest!

If you're like most women, you have been taught you need to shrink yourself to be worthy

  • You've tried every diet under the sun but within a few years you have gained it all back plus more.
  • And right now you are feeling like maybe there is something innately wrong with you.
  • I'm telling you it's not. These unrealistic ideals and militant food rules ARE the problem. You have the innate knowledge to be able to eat without dieting.

It's time to make peace with food so you can get back to living your life!

Unlike diets, meal plans and "lifestyles" you have tried in the past, this program focuses on working with your body rather than using more rules to fight against it

Because let's face it, restriction only makes us feel out of control


I can help you finally be free of dieting!

For only £27 - yes please!

Say goodbye to dieting for good...

  • Understand why you fell into the diet cycle and how to avoid getting caught out again
  • Learn a simple mindset shift to not only ditch dieting but also improve your health and wellbeing
  • Understand what intuitive eating is and why it is the answer to stop dieting
  • Get my simple 3-step approach to reclaim your intuitive eater

Why you should trust me

I am a registered healthcare provider in the UK and follow strict evidence-based standards to keep you safe.

Diet culture drop out

I was raised in the same diet culture as you and have personally gone through the intuitive eating framework to ditch dieting for good and start living my life.

Registered Provider

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. No fads, only evidence-based.

Empowering women

I believe every woman deserves to feel at peace with food and feel confident in themselves, free of unrealistic societal ideals. Are you with me?

Hi, I'm Emma Townsin

I created 'Done With Dieting' to empower all women to break free of diets and unrealistic cultural ideals so we can live our lives to the fullest.

As women we are raised to stay small and believe our biggest goal in life is shrinking ourselves. I'm calling this out because dieting is stealing our lives.

To be truly free of dieting we need to be aware of how our culture keeps us feeling unworthy of having more, and then re-learn how to eat without external rules.

As a Registered Dietitian, I used to believe we need rules to tell us how to eat, but it just didn't add up. Food felt stressful and so many women sacrificed their health chasing weight loss. Then I discovered intuitive eating. 

Now, as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor I work with women to guide them back to using their body's signals to guide their eating.

It is possible to reclaim your intuitive eater.

Be Done With Dieting For Good


✔️Video: Letting go of diet culture 

✔️Video: From Self control to self care

✔️Video: Reclaiming your intuitive eater

✔️Worksheet: Becoming a diet culture detective

✔️Worksheet: Reframing behaviours

✔️Video: The fear of weight gain

✔️Video: Why do I keep going back to dieting

✔️Worksheet: Reclaiming your intuitive eater

✔️Quiz: How much of an intuitive eater are you?

All this for only £27!

Yes, I need this!


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You can stop dieting for good without feeling out of control around food

Let's get started!