Overcoming Emotional Eating


The go-to course for women wanting to feel more connected to their body and break the emotional eating cycle - for good.

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Overcoming Emotional Eating is a self-paced guided approach with a video masterclass and audio meditations (plus supporting workbook) to help you break free of emotional eating while feeling more in tune with your body.

Have you ever felt you...

  • turn to food to cope with difficult emotions
  • feel shame or guilt after eating
  • feel stuck in a binge-restrict cycle
  • have eating experiences that feel out-of-control
  • eat without feeling connected to the experience
  • want to feel more in tune with your emotional needs
  • are ready to start working with your body

What would it be like to...

Have a concrete easy-to-follow plan to guide you from turning to food to tuning into your body's wisdom

Never feel guilt or shame over emotional eating again

Understand and work with your underlying triggers to reduce your emotional urges

Feel in tune with your body's emotional needs 

Turn an out-of-control emotional food moment into an opportunity to connect to your innate wisdom


Then get ready because you can have all this!

Overcoming Emotional Eating is your roadmap to finding peace with food.

Welcome to Overcoming Emotional Eating

Your must-have blueprint to understanding and cope with emotional eating - without restriction or shame.

Regardless of:

- How many times you have tried before

- No matter how much you have tried to restrict the foods you love

- Even if you are worried you are addicted to food

Overcoming Emotional Eating gives you a step-by-step approach starting from dealing with the underlying triggers to coping during and after an emotional moment.

This self-paced course will give you everything you need to know about emotional eating recovery and the tools to last a lifetime.

The best part? There's absolutely no restriction, shame or guilt involved.

What you get when you sign up for Overcoming Emotional Eating

A 5- step masterclass over 7 video lessons guiding you through the exact steps you need to stop emotional eating

3- downloadable audio meditations designed to help you connect and to guide you calmly through emotional times.

A 16-page workbook filled with exploration- based worksheets and real-world activities to support your healing.

Bonus: Receive a bonus body respect audio exploration and workbook

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Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Emma Townsin. I'm a UK Registered Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. I am specialised in the biological, psychological and emotional drives to eating and passionate that we all deserve to enjoy a peaceful relationship with food and body.


I work with women to free themselves from yo-yo dieting, say goodbye to food fears and develop a happy relationship with food and body. 


Sneak peak: Overcoming Emotional Eating Self-paced course

What's inside...


Video lesson: What is emotional eating

Video lesson: Using curiosity rather than judgement

Emotional Eating masterclass

5 step masterclass over 7 video lessons with my concrete step-by-step approach you need to break free of emotional eating:

  1. Saying goodbye to guilt in emotional eating
  2. Nourishing your body and soul
  3. Feelings your feelings and learning to cope
  4. Practice not reacting to emotional moments
  5. Coping in the aftermath of a difficult emotion
Emotional Eating Workbook

A 16-page workbook to guide you to explore deeper after each video lesson.

  • Exploration- based worksheets
  • Real-world activities
Bonus: Meditations

These audio-meditations have your back whether you want to connect to body's wisdom or need support through a difficult emotional moment. Download and play on demand.

  1. Feeling your feelings
  2. Practice not reacting
  3. Coping in the aftermath
Bonus: Body respect exploration

Listen as we explore body respect and the role it can play in our eating behaviours. We explore different ways you can respect your body, even if you do not have the body you would like. This can be the missing piece when overcoming emotional eating.

  • Body respect audio discussion
  • Exploration-based worksheet
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Frequently Asked Questions...

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