Overcoming Emotional Eating online course

Break free of emotional eating.

A self-paced course to feel more connected to your body, make peace with food and break the emotional eating cycle - for good.

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How Emotional Eating hurts us

Guilt and shame

Guilt and shame following uncomfortable eating makes you feel alone and can further exacerbate difficult emotions and an emotional eating cycle.

Physical discomfort

If you are experiencing pain due to your eating experiences it adds a further burden and often creates more difficult emotions.

Limits coping tools

There's nothing wrong with food providing comfort but if food is one your only coping tools, it may be preventing you finding more helpful ways to cope.

Have you ever felt you...

Turn to food to cope with difficult emotions

Feel shame or guilt after an uncomfortable eating experience

Feel stuck in a binge-restrict cycle which leads to further difficult emotions

Have eating experiences that feel out-of-control or fueled by difficult emotions

Eat without feeling connected to your body or eating experience

And you wish you could just...

Feel more connected with your body and your emotional needs

Have a peaceful and happy relationship with food

What would it be like to feel more connected to your body, understand your emotions and self care needs and for food to fit calmly into your life?

Overcoming Emotional Eating is your step by step framework to a peaceful relationship with food and your emotions.

Welcome to... Overcoming Emotional Eating

Let's break free of the emotional eating cycle.

  • Understand the biological and psychological drives to emotional eating and use your knowledge to remove the guilt and shame.
  • Learn how to meet your body's often neglected self care and emotional needs to lessen the impact of difficult emotions.
  • Explore how your emotions show up inside your body and take the fear and urgency out of difficult emotions.
  • Broaden your coping toolkit so you are better prepared to cope when difficult emotions arise.
  • Learn how to cope with compassion after an emotional eating experience to break the emotional eating cycle.

What's included:

A 5- step masterclass over 7 video lessons guiding you through the exact steps you need to stop emotional eating

3- downloadable audio meditations designed to help you connect and to guide you calmly through emotional times.

A 16-page workbook filled with exploration- based worksheets and real-world activities to support your healing.

Bonus: Receive my body respect audio exploration and workbook

Let's overcome emotional eating for good!

Yes, I need this!

If you suffer from emotional eating you have probably been made to feel broken…

  • You’ve tried all the diets, removing your binge foods from the house and cutting them out of your life completely...
  • And right now you are feeling ashamed and alone, wondering why you have such an issue with food...
  • You don’t. Emotional eating is not about the food. In fact, eating for emotional reasons is normal.
The world has taught you, you have an issue with food.

I will help you overcome emotional eating by taking the power away from the food

and uncovering the real reason you have a difficult emotional relationship with food.


Because let’s face it, emotional eating is never about the food.

Meet Emma Townsin

Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat to stop emotional eating? I used to think I could help clients this way too but then I realised it doesn't work.

Food plays such an important role in our emotions and social life. The only way you can truly find peace with food is to stop feeling guilt for how food serves you and explore the deeper reasons for your difficult emotions.

I created "Overcoming Emotional Eating" so you can make peace with food and break the emotional eating cycle for good.

Sneak peak: What's inside...


Video lesson: What is emotional eating

Video lesson: Using curiosity rather than judgement

Emotional Eating masterclass

5 step masterclass over 7 video lessons with my concrete step-by-step approach you need to break free of emotional eating:

  1. Saying goodbye to guilt in emotional eating
  2. Nourishing your body and soul
  3. Feelings your feelings and learning to cope
  4. Practice not reacting to emotional moments
  5. Coping in the aftermath of a difficult emotion
Emotional Eating Workbook

A 16-page workbook to guide you to explore deeper after each video lesson.

  • Exploration- based worksheets
  • Real-world activities
Bonus: Meditations

These audio-meditations have your back whether you want to connect to body's wisdom or need support through a difficult emotional moment. Download and play on demand.

  1. Feeling your feelings
  2. Practice not reacting
  3. Coping in the aftermath
Bonus: Body respect exploration

Listen as we explore body respect and the role it can play in our eating behaviours. We explore different ways you can respect your body, even if you do not have the body you would like. This can be the missing piece when overcoming emotional eating.

  • Body respect audio discussion
  • Exploration-based worksheet
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