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Overcoming Emotional Eating Online Course

Bring joy back to food by overcoming the stress of emotional eating

A self-paced online course to understand why eating feels chaotic, why big emotions lead to stress eating and start to feel at peace around food.

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Do you ever find you...

  • Turn to food every time big emotions come up?
  • Try to compensate for overeating by eating less the next day?
  • Worry about the effect emotional eating is having on your health?
  • Eat large amounts even when you know it will make you feel unwell
  • Eat without feeling connected to the eating experience?
  • Manage to eat healthy in the day but you lose control in the evenings or on weekends?
  • Can't find a healthy balance between fun foods and foods that feel good?

How Emotional Eating can hurt

Guilt and shame

The emotions that follow emotional eating can feel lonely and shameful. It can be difficult to know how to cope with in the moment which can further trigger turning to food for comfort.

Physical discomfort

Physical pain due to overeating can interrupt your work or social plans and cause a distrust or resentment for your body. It also can fuel further difficult emotion.

Limits coping tools

There's nothing wrong with food providing comfort (it's normal) but if food is used to numb or zone out of an emotion, it may be preventing you finding more helpful ways to cope.





You deserve to eat in a way that feels good for your body while still enjoying fun foods.

Let's help you get balance back to your eating by understanding your eating and emotional cues and find supportive ways to cope with big emotion.

Imagine how it would feel if

✔ You could find balance so food isn't on your mind all the time

✔ You could include fun foods without going overboard on them

✔ You could turn to more supportive coping tools beyond just food

✔ You felt connected and in control around food

✔ Food didn't send you into a cycle of guilt, dread and attempts to "do better tomorrow"

✔ Food was a fun and enjoyable part of your life

How to stop emotional eating without dieting
Overcoming Emotional Eating guides you to reduce your underlying triggers PLUS supports you to cope with big emotions.

So you can feel confident and peaceful around food

Welcome to... Overcoming Emotional Eating

It's not the food that's the problem. That's why you will learn to...

✔ Understand your unique biological and psychological triggers to emotional eating so you can be better prepared to cope in the moment.

✔ Remove the guilt and shame from eating so you can make space to learn what purpose food is serving for you.

✔ Explore how your emotions show up inside your body so you can take the fear and urgency out of difficult emotions.

✔ Learn more supportive ways to meet your body's often neglected self care and emotional needs so you are better prepared in emotional times.

✔ Learn how to cope with compassion after an emotional eating experience so you break the ongoing cycle of emotional eating.

What's included:

7 video lessons guiding you through the exact steps you need to overcome emotional eating

3- downloadable audio meditations designed to help you connect and to guide you calmly through emotional times.

A 16-page workbook filled with exploration- based worksheets and real-world activities to support your healing.

PLUS bonuses:

Body respect audio exploration AND body respect workbook to establish deeper connection with your body for long term results.

Start Overcoming Emotional Eating today!

Meet Emma Townsin

Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat? It's time to take a step back because to overcome emotional eating we need to look at the whole picture.

I support clients to overcome out-of-control eating by exploring the role food is serving in emotional moments as well as your body attunement and trust so we can reduce how often food serves as a comfort.

I then support you to navigate moments that food does serve an emotional purpose so it is no longer a big deal.

Food plays such an important role in our emotions and social life. The only way you can truly find peace with food is to stop feeling guilt for how food serves you and explore the deeper reasons for your difficult emotions.

You deserve to feel good around food and get your emotional needs met. Overcoming Emotional Eating will help you break the emotional eating cycle for good.





Is this for you?

This is a fit for you if...

  • You are tired of turning to food every time you have big emotions
  • Removing your binge foods from the house or trying to cut them out of your life completely is not working
  • Overeating makes you feel guilty ashamed or alone.
  • You are motivated and driven to fix your emotional eating issues
  • You want the right support but in your own time

Let's bring joy back to food by overcoming the stress of emotional eating!

This is not a fit for you if...

  • You are not open to trying mindfulness based activities
  • You want someone to tell you what to eat rather than learning for yourself
  • You would prefer to just keep binge foods out the house rather than making peace with them
  • Your not driven to complete self-paced work or would prefer 1-to-1 consultations
  • You have a current or past eating disorder I recommend 1-on-1 specialist support.

If you would prefer 1-on-1 specialist support - reach out here!

The world has taught you, you have an issue with food.

Let's take the power away from food

and uncover the real reason you have a difficult emotional relationship with food
For only £99 bring the joy back to food

*For less than the cost of a singe consultation get the whole course!

Sneak peak: What's inside...


Video lesson: What is emotional eating

Video lesson: Using curiosity rather than judgement

Emotional Eating Lessons

7 video lessons covering with my concrete 5 step approach that you need to break free of emotional eating.

The 5 steps are:

  1. Saying goodbye to guilt in emotional eating
  2. Nourishing your body and soul
  3. Feelings your feelings and learning to cope
  4. Practice not reacting to emotional moments
  5. Coping in the aftermath of a difficult emotion
Emotional Eating Workbook

A 16-page workbook to guide you to explore deeper after each video lesson.

  • Exploration- based worksheets
  • Real-world activities
Bonus: Meditations

These audio-meditations have your back whether you want to connect to your body's wisdom or need support through a difficult emotional moment. Download and play on demand.

  1. Feeling your feelings
  2. Practice not reacting
  3. Coping in the aftermath
Bonus: Body respect exploration

Listen as we explore body respect and the role it can play in our eating behaviours. We explore different ways you can respect your body, even if you do not have the body you would like. This can be the missing piece when overcoming emotional eating.

  • Body respect audio discussion
  • Exploration-based worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Bring joy back to food

You can overcome emotional eating without denying yourself your favourite foods. Learn how to feel connected and in control around food and your emotional needs today.

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