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The Empowered Women Academy


Stop following food rules.

Start following your intuition.

A 12-week Intuitive Eating program supporting women to find a peaceful relationship with food and body.

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The Empowered Women Academy is a hybrid structure of an online course and private counselling. Through a mixture of self-paced video modules, practical activities and 1-to-1 counselling sessions, you will receive a range of support tools so you can make peace with food faster.

If you're ready to...

  • Stop the constant and obsessive food thoughts and have headspace for other areas of your life
  • To feel comfortable after eating instead of living in the extremes of dieting and starving or bingeing and stuffed
  • Let go of food rules without the fear of losing control around food
  • Stop feeling guilt and shame around food and find food satisfaction
  • Understand and work with your body instead of constantly fighting against it

Then the Empowered Women Academy is made for you

This 12-week fully supported programme is designed to help you feel at peace with food, confident in your body and create the headspace for enjoying life through 3 key pillars:


Deep rooted beliefs are keeping you stuck. You will learn where your thoughts have come from, and, using cognitive behavioural techniques you will reframe the way you think about food and your body allowing you to move forward.


Your body communicates it's needs with you through sensations inside your body. Dieting creates a disconnect making it difficult to eat without outside rules. Using mindfulness, you will relearn how to work with your body and stop fighting against it.


Once you have done the inside work (reframing and connection) you will learn how to honour your body's wisdom as your number one guide while navigating in a world full of mixed food and body messages.

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How you are supported in the Empowered Women Academy

The Empowered Women Academy uses a hybrid structure of an online program combined with 1-to-1 nutrition counselling.

Using video modules, exploratory worksheets, practical activities, meditations, counselling sessions and accountability ensures you receive the all round support you need to turn your life around.

1-to-1 nutrition counselling

To dive deeper and provide you with the personalised support you need in the areas you need it most. Here we will tailor the support to your specific needs.

Weekly resources

Access your very own member library of video lessons, worksheets, meditations and practical activities. New content delivered weekly and carefully designed to build on and support your recovery.

By your side

Unlimited and lifetime access to your library of resources as well as 12 weeks of personal message support and accountability tasks throughout the program so you never feel alone.


  • You will have unlimited lifetime access to your very own member library where all your resources to support your recovery will be available whenever and wherever you need them - beyond the program end date.
  • Log in and complete your weekly modules in a time that works for you to easily fit your recovery into your life
  • Emma will meet with you and tailor a personalised approach in the areas you need it most and provide unlimited message support.
  • Bonus and instant access to Done With Dieting - a self paced mini course to kickstart your journey to peace with food by moving away from the  “one-last-diet” cycle.

Hi, I'm Emma

Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat so you can stop obsessing over food? I used to think I could help clients this way too but then I realised it doesn't work.

Food plays such an important role in our emotions and social life as well as the nutrition it provides. The only way you can truly find peace with food is to work with your body as your number 1 guide.

I created the Empowered Women Academy to give you all the tools and support you need to ditch dieting and have a peaceful and happy relationship with food and feel empowered in your body.

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

UK registered healthcare provider

Registered dietitian nutritionist

How you will find food freedom

The Empowered Women Academy is 12 weeks long and broken down into 4 milestones.

Milestone 1.

Reframing and rewiring

During weeks 1-3 we get clarity on where your beliefs about food and body have come from, separate helpful thoughts from those that are unsupportive and start to reframe how you think about your body.

Milestone 2.

Removing deprivation

In weeks 4-6 we understand how deprivation, both physical and emotional leads to unhelpful behaviours. We start connecting with your body's innate signals for nourishment and reframe how you think about food.

Milestone 3.

Eating mindfully

In weeks 7-9 we dive deeper into understanding your body's communication, focusing on the emotional connection with food, the greater role food plays and the power of finding satisfaction in the eating experience. 

Milestone 4.

Moving forward

In weeks 10-12 you integrate your inside knowledge with the outside world. Gaining confidence in your body to be your number 1 guide and only taking on outside messages that support, not control you, in living your best life. 

In the milestones you are supported with

Weekly modules

✔ Video lessons

Exploratory worksheets

✔ Practical activities

Audio discussions and meditations

Accountability tasks

Unlimited support

1-to-1 counselling sessions

How to get started

Book a discovery consultation

Schedule a 20 minute video chat to ask any questions and get to know each other. The purpose of this call is to check if we are good fit to work together - Schedule time with me.

Choose a start date

If we are a good fit, I will invite you to join the academy. Together we will decide on a date for you to officially begin and I will send you the booking link to reserve your spot.

Book your spot

When you reserve your spot, you will receive the bonus Done With Dieting mini-course and orientation straight away. You will then be added to the academy on your start date.

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Congratulations on reading this far!

I take it you really want to make this change so let's make absolutely sure you are in the right place.

This program is for you if:

  • You identify as a woman and are ready to fight back against harmful societal ideals about what you should look like and how you should eat
  • You are open to unpack body beliefs and stop focusing on weight as a measure of worth or progress 
  • You are ready to dedicate some time and headspace to making this shift (mindset work is hard but so worth it!)
  • You want to feel listened to and validated in your experiences and supported to move away from control around food and body
  • You are excited to try techniques such as mindfulness and reframing your belief pathways

I would love to connect with you and learn more about how I can support you with a free discovery consultation - Book here .

This program is not for you if:

  • You are not yet ready to let go of weight goals or unpack your beliefs about bodies
  • You don't have the time to dedicate a few hours each week to doing this work
  • Using mindfulness and challenging thoughts is not your thing or what you want right now
  • You are wanting a quick fix tool or not in a place to put in some challenging work for a few months
  • You are diagnosed with an eating disorder - you deserve specialist support. Please reach out if you are unsure what support you need

It sounds like this program is not quite what you need right now. You may find my resources helpful to explore in your own time - check them out here.

Ready to improve your relationship with food and body?

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