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Reclaiming Your Food Freedom

Intuitive eating online course


The anti-diet online course to break the stressful dieting cycle and create a peaceful relationship with food and your body

Join Reclaiming Your Food Freedom!

Do you want to stop dieting but then feel out of control around food and keep turning back to food rules?

But the food rules end back at the same stressful dieting cycle.

And with all the time and energy you have spent on trying to eat right and change your body, you are feeling more and more uncomfortable.


It's not more food rules you need, you need to improve your relationship with food and body.

Imagine what life would be like if you could stop worrying about your weight and feeling out of control around food.

You can and deserve to have a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

Forget quick fixes that leave you feeling worse. We make sustainable longlasting change from the inside using my unique, evidence based framework to improve your relationship with food and body.

You are guided through the 3 milestones you need to find lifelong food freedom:


Deep rooted diet culture beliefs are keeping you stuck. Recognise diet culture and shift your perspective so you can naturally develop healthy behaviours.


Stop fighting with your body like diet culture tells you to do. Develop body connection so you can feel satisfied and stop obsessively thinking about food.


Our diet culture is full of mixed and shaming food and body messages. Find balance in listening to your body while using outside information to support you.

The benefits of reclaiming your food freedom

No more food guilt

Allow food to feel truly satisfying. No more carb-free meals for "health" and then craving all the carbs later along with a side of guilt.

Stop binge eating

Stop feeling trapped between stuffed full and ravenously hungry or second guessing when to eat. 

Cope with emotional eating

Find a supportive balance between food for comfort and not over-relying on food whenever big emotions come up.

Connect with your hunger and fullness

Stop feeling trapped between stuffed full and ravenously hungry or second guessing when to eat. 

Discover your goals beyond diet culture

Stop getting side-tracked by diet culture and be supported to focus on what will really improve your life and wellbeing.

Declutter your mind

It's draining to constantly think about food, calculate calories or worry about how it will affect your body. Learn to work with your body so you no longer constantly think about food.

Accountability from an expert

1-to-1 support from a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counsellor, number and frequency of appointments flexible to your needs.

Food being a happy part of your life

Food should support you to live your life to the fullest, not control you. Let's find what role food can play in your life.

How it works

Online self paced course!

Instant access to your course of 12 modules, quizzes, weekly non-diet challenges and resources to reach your food freedom goals.

Consultations & support

Choose pre-booked discounted consultations and instantly schedule as you need. Extra consultations easily available to book as you go.

You find food and life freedom!

You will notice shifts in how you think and feel around food and your body which leads to natural behaviour change and more headspace to enjoy life!

Reclaiming Your Food Freedom

A self- paced course with all the tools and support you need to be well on your way to a healthier relationship with food and body and a lifetime of food and life freedom.


Intuitive eating assessment + 3 month and 6 month review to monitor your progress

A unique step by step framework of 12 modules guiding you through the 3 milestones (reframe, connection and confidence) you need to find your food freedom.

PDF downloadable worksheets for exploration and practical activities

Lifetime access to over 6 hours worth of video and audio content including course updates

Actionable activities for each module so you can apply this work to your life right from the start

Assess what you have learnt with end of module quizzes

Bonus: weekly non-diet challenges for the first 12 weeks to keep you on track to food freedom

Bonus: On-the-go tools for navigating challenging situations right from the start

Bonus: Meditations to cope during emotional moments

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