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What is Food Life Freedom?

Many people find themselves trapped in a diet cycle, experiencing binge eating, emotional eating, overeating and feeling a disconnect with their body. It's draining spending so much time stressing about food.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way?

We know why diets don't work. Even more, we know why diets cause a poor relationship with food.

At Food Life Freedom, I don't believe in food rules, there's no "good" or "bad" and guilt does not belong in eating. Food is food and serves to nourish your body and your life. You are supported to heal your relationship with food so eating to feel good in your body becomes stress-free.

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Let's break down diet culture

You became stuck in the diet cycle because you live in a diet culture. The messages in our world tell us health and happiness comes from attaining an ideal body. But this is not true.

Diet culture worships thinness but body diversity is completely normal and healthy

Diet culture tells you weight loss makes you more worthy but weight or body changes are not attached to worth

Diet culture demonises certain foods but all foods fit in a healthy and balanced life

Diet culture oppresses people and this leads to discrimination and inequality

Diet culture normalises a distrust with your body but your body is your most accurate guide

Diet culture normalises guilt, shame and fear of foods but eating should be enjoyable and support you living your life

We can break down diet culture by addressing the pyramid of human need.

Health, happiness, energy and wellbeing do not come from denying your body's most basic needs. We must fuel our body with the physical and emotional resources it needs so we can feel our best.

There is a way to find your food and life freedom

Forget diets and quick fixes that leave you feeling worse. Food Life Freedom uses an evidence based non-diet approach so you can make sustainable, long lasting change from the inside.

We meet online for a free chat

This is a place to discuss your challenges, goals and how you will be supported.

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Consultations, lessons & support

We meet remotely twice per month. Between our calls you are supported with a library of on-demand lessons and resources plus unlimited email support.

You find food and life freedom!

You will notice shifts in how you think and feel around food and your body which leads to natural behaviour change and more headspace to enjoy life!

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Meet Emma Townsin

Hi, I'm Emma

Your intuitive eating counsellor and non-diet dietitian

Have you been searching for someone to tell you what to eat so you can stop obsessing over food? I used to think I could help clients this way too but then I realised it doesn't work.

Diet culture makes you believe you can't trust your body to guide your eating and then sells you a "fix" for the problem it created. When this fix inevitably backfires diet culture tells you the problem is you. But it's not you. Diet culture is the problem!

Food plays such an important role in our emotions and social life as well as the nutrition it provides. The only way you can truly find peace with food is to reject diet culture and reconnect with your body to guide your eating. 

Get to know me

UK Registered Healthcare Provider

Servicing clients worldwide

Start today! Your free e-book to make peace with food.

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, feeling guilt around food or second guessing your food choices, this e-book will help you take those first steps to a life where food feels easy and peaceful.

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