Food freedom brings life freedom

As a Registered Dietitian I believe a healthy relationship with food and body is an important part of healthy living. 


My mission is for all women to feel empowered and confident in their bodies so they have the energy and clarity to follow their passions in life.

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Hi, I'm Emma

I'm Emma Townsin, a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. I'm on a mission to free women from food obsession and reclaim their confidence so they can live life to the fullest.

I'm a registered healthcare provider in the UK so you know you're in safe hands. And I'm truly passionate about empowering women to find life freedom.

How did I create a career helping other women embrace food freedom?

I started my career as a registered dietitian after completing a nutrition major with honours and a master of dietetics. During this time I learnt so much about the biochemical composition of food and how this interacts in our bodies as well as the nutritional support for a range of diseases.


But along with this, I also learnt some foods are good and some are bad. I started trying to limit "unhealthy" foods only to start feeling like I just couldn't control myself if they were around and I started thinking I was a "bad" dietitian if I couldn't calorie count as well as other dietitians.

Does any of this sound familiar with your experience growing up in our diet culture? 


But, on top of all this, I started seeing so many of my patients struggling with feeling like they were out-of-control around food, spending their entire lives trying to lose weight and absolutely worsening their mental and physical health because of this.

It made me so sad.


Becoming non-diet

I started researching into non-diet approaches and I came across a framework called Intuitive Eating 🙌

Let the magic begin... 

Ok, it wasn't really a magical moment at all... it was full of confusion, anger, frustration, dismissal, intrigue and curiosity


Diving into the research around weight, weight loss and health helped me understand why my patients were experiencing the feelings and behaviours around food that were keeping them stuck. But it also showed how harmful the narrative of health, weight and weight loss our culture holds really is.


I held onto the curiosity and continued exploring the biological and psychological drives surrounding eating, how trauma impacts on eating behaviours, emotional responses to food, belief pathways and how they keep us stuck... and so much more! It really is facinating.


And then I signed up to complete the official certification with the co-founder and queen of Intuitive Eating,  Evelyn Tribole, to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. It changed my life personally and professionally.

The bottom line

It is normal to feel a whole mixture of different emotions when you first start exploring non-diet approaches to food and health. But if dieting and using food rules is not supporting the life you really want to live, hold onto that curiosity, it will all become clearer as you gently explore working with your body to guide your eating 💕


You deserve to feel at peace with food and empowered in life.


I'm a registered healthcare provider

Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned. I am held accountable to providing non-diet and inclusive health care to people in all bodies.

UK Registered Dietitian

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Registered Healthcare Provider and held accountable to evidenced-based high quality practice and training. 

University qualified

Graduated from Deakin University, Australia in 2012 with a Master of Dietetics degree, an honours research thesis and undergraduate in psychology and nutrition.

Professional experience

  • Currently I work 2 days a week in an NHS eating disorders inpatient unit and 3 days here at Food Life Freedom.
  • Previously I worked for over 5 years in the NHS in a variety of settings namely stroke, oncology and outpatient settings.
  • Before moving to the UK, I worked for 1.5 years in a hospital in Queensland, Australia first in rehabilitation and then in surgical and intensive care.

Education and memberships

  • Master of dietetics degree from Deakin University, Melbourne Australia (2012)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutrition and Psychology) with first class honours (2010)
  • Intuitive Eating PRO course with Evelyn Tribole (2020)
  • Member of British Dietitians Association
  • Member of EDRD PRO (Eating disorder registered dietitians and professionals) which includes monthly training and support

Here's what I am fighting for

A world without weight stigma

A form of prejudice and stereotyping against those in larger bodies. Weight stigma is shown to lead to high blood pressure, increased stress markers, increased blood sugar and increased overall mortality irrespective of actual body weight.

In fact, many illnesses blamed on weight are more often the result of weight discrimination.

I am fighting for a world free of weight stigma, where weight discrimination is not a leading cause of disease.

A world in which women feel empowered

For women to have equality, we need to be free of unrealistic societal ideals. We need to have trust in our innate abilities and respect our bodies. Otherwise our mental energy will be focused on the constant internal fight between body and mind.

How can we expect to lead organisations, inspire movements or connect deeply in our relationships when we are constantly worried about what our body looks like or what food we should be eating?

A world where food brings pleasure, not stress

Obtaining pleasure from eating is a basic human need, but one which is often stolen by the diet culture in which we are immersed.

Getting pleasure from eating reduces binge eating, leads to a wider variety of foods being eaten and greater life satisfaction. 

On the contrary, the stress felt from eating a forbidden food is certaintly worse for your health than the food itself.

Do I sound like a good fit?

Join me in creating a world where women are free from obsessive food and body thoughts so we can be free to live our lives.

To work with me, book a free 30-minute consultation.

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