Private Nutrition Coaching

It's time to work with your body, rather than setting rules to fight against it. My unique and highly specialised intuitive eating approach to nutrition counselling is the answer to why food rules just aren't working. 

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Nutrition Coaching Packages

I am an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor so you know you're in safe hands.

I work with clients to develop trust and reconnect with their body so eating becomes peaceful and enjoyable. Don't expect meal plans or food rules, my coaching will dig deeper than this.

Single 1.5 hour session

For those curious about trying an intuitive eating approach or understanding the deeper issues behind their food choices.

What you get:

  • In-depth 1.5 hour consultation
  • A unique opportunity to explore the deeper underlying triggers
  • Worksheets to continue exploring after the session
  • Practical activities to help integrate this session into your life


*Note: I do not provide meal plans

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3 session package

Guided support to work through food stress, develop techniques to reconnect with your body for a peaceful relationship with food.

What you get:

  • 3x one hour online consultations
  • A tailored, individualised 3 session plan designed for you
  • Worksheets to continue exploring after the session
  • Practical activities to help integrate our work into your life


*3 month expiry

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6 session package

Guided support to work through food and body stress, getting clarity on the underlying issues to develop trust with your body.

What you get:

  • 6x one hour online consultations
  • A tailored, individualised 6 session plan designed for you
  • Worksheets to continue exploring after the session
  • Practical activities to help integrate our work into your life


*6 month expiry

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Nutrition Coaching

Let's face it, humans are complex. We don't eat nutrients in isolation, we don't even eat food in isolation. We eat food as part of culture, to provide comfort and for pleasure.

So why do we always focus so much on only the nutrients?

Humans are unique in that eating is guided not only by our innate signals but also emotion and rational thought. If we try to ignore some of these, it just won't work long term.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor I am highly specialised at exploring all aspects of the eating experience so you can develop confidence in your body and create a peaceful relationship with eating.

What will coaching look like?

All our consultations are a confidential and judgement-free space. No experiences or feelings around food or body are too small to deserve support.

Many women I work with have never spoken about their issues with food or body to anyone before so I understand how challenging these conversations can be and the resilience you are showing by opening up.

Our consultations take place over zoom video call. If you feel safer you can choose to turn your video off. The advantage is you can join from the safety of your home. I recommend you choose a time you will have a private space to use for the appointment.

During sessions we will explore you as a whole person and where your discomfort around food and body is stemming from. We will use worksheets and real-world activities to reconnect with your hunger and fullness, reduce reliance on food to cope with emotions, let go of unhelpful food beliefs and fears and develop a respectful relationship with your body.

Hi, I'm Emma Townsin

I am a Registered Dietitian in the UK and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I am specialised in intuitive eating, non-diet nutrition and eating disorders to offer you safe healthcare that focuses on your mental health, physical health and general wellbeing.

As a registered healthcare professional I am able to communicate with other members of your healthcare team and support you to receive holistic healthcare.

My coaching is a perfect fit if you

  • Are looking for support to get back in touch with your body to guide your eating such as your hunger and fullness, emotions, thoughts and beliefs toward food
  • Want food to be a positive and supportive part of your life
  • Want to explore working with your body rather than trying to control it
  • Are willing and able to dedicate some energy and headspace to longer term recovery
  • Are in recovery from an eating disorder (dependent on the support you currently need and, if required, medical clearance from your GP or other therapists - your safety is important. Get in touch for a free call to discuss further).


My coaching is not for you if

  • You want a meal plan, calorie counting or list of good and bad foods to eat
  • You want a quick fix solution to change your body rather than build trust with your body
  • Are not able to dedicate some time and energy to create long term change
  • You would prefer face-face support (if you are unsure, feel free to book a discovery call to get a feel for a consultation)
  • If you are medically unstable with an eating disorder (get in touch to discuss if I am the right support for you).

Want to check we're a good fit? 

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