Food stress to Food Freedom

3-steps to ditch obsessive food thoughts and reclaim your confidence


For women who want a peaceful and happy relationship with food


In this free masterclass we explore:

🔥 The reason focusing on weight loss is working against you and making your health worse

🔥 Why diets and meal plans are the cause of food stress, not the solution

🔥 How to use interoceptive awareness as your superpower to work WITH your body

🔥 AND 3 steps you can start taking today to support a peaceful and happy relationship with food and body


Meet Emma Townsin

Hi, I'm Emma! I'm looking forward to e-meeting you.

As a registered dietitian I see a lot of food misinformation which has the potential to cause much harm to our relationship with food as well as our physical and mental health. 

My mission at Food Life Freedom is to support you to ditch dieting and reclaim your confidence around food.

I created this masterclass to empower you to break free from a stressful food and body relationship so you can live your life to the fullest.