My unique and highly specialised intuitive eating approach to nutrition and body image counselling is the answer to why food rules just aren't working. It's time to work with your body, rather than setting rules to fight against it. There's a range of options to suit your needs.

My signature Program

The Empowered Women Academy

Using a combined structure of an online course delivered over 12 weeks plus 1-to-1 coaching appointments and unlimited support, the Empowered Women Academy will take you from feeling stress over food and body to feeling empowered in your food decisions and confidently living the life you want.

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Self-paced online Courses

Done with dieting

Ditching the dieting mindset is the hardest part. This is a mini course for women who are struggling with the one last diet cycle and are ready to be Done With Dieting once and for all.

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Overcoming Emotional Eating

The go-to course for women wanting to feel more connected to their body, stop feeling guilt and shame from eating and to break the emotional eating cycle for good.

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1:to:1 private coaching

Single sessions and packages

For those wanting all their appointments via private coaching sessions, I offer specialist dietetics and intuitive eating counselling. 

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Free masterclass

From food stress to food freedom

If you are new to Intuitive Eating or Health at Every Size (HAES), my free masterclass is just for you. Learn the 3 steps you need for a peaceful relationship with food and body.

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