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Intuitive Eating after an eating disorder

Recovery from an eating disorder shouldn't end at a point of tolerating enough food.

You can and deserve to feel free around food.

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We work together withĀ 1-to-1 nutrition consultations tailored to the frequency and type of support you need.

How it works

We meet for an initial consultation

During our first consultation we will learn more about where you are, what your goals are and your challenges. You will leave with a plan and some activities to complete between our sessions.

Receive follow up support

We meet at a frequency that supports you. During these consultations we will explore your thoughts toward food and body, what's keeping you stuck and you will be provided activities to keep moving forward towards intuitive eating.

You become an intuitive eater

You will learn to eat without a meal plan, stop second guessing your food choices and remove guilt around food. You will learn how to notice and challenge eating disorder thoughts before they take hold for lifelong food freedom.

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Are you stuck in that middle ground where you are no longer "sick enough" for eating disorder support, perhaps you are told you are recovered, but you still feel obsessive over food? You're over-thinking it? Worried about what the food will do to your body? Fighting off urges to restrict because you fear eating too much?

Unfortunately this is so common. But it shouldn't be like this, you deserve support for food to feel easy, enjoyable and supportive for your life. This is where I can help you.

Full eating disorder recovery can look like: 

Eating spontaneously

Want to say "yes" to a spontaneous dinner without it being a source of stress? Or eat without feeling like a walking calculator? True food freedom allows food flexibility.

Trusting your body

Following a meal plan or food rules is not true food freedom. To be able to nourish yourself without this, you need to reconnect with your body to be your number one guide.

No obsessive food thoughts

You've likely learnt to challenge the ED thoughts enough to nourish yourself but you deserve to not have constant obsessive thoughts at all.

Feeling like your true self

An eating disorder makes you forget who you really are and your true values. You deserve to have the headspace to focus on being the person you truly want to be.

What you can expect

When we work together, we will explore the thoughts and beliefs you are holding onto around food and your body, working to unpack and challenge unsupportive thoughts and nurture your true self thoughts.

You will be supported to reconnect back into your body, understanding your body's hunger and satiety cues but also your emotion and self care cues as well.

I will also support you to challenge food fears so as to enjoy a diverse and fun way of eating and remove stress and guilt around food.

Our work focuses on your relationship with food and body while being mindful of any eating disorder thoughts, behaviours and triggers.






Consultation Packages

Single consultations


Book an initial consultation and decide as you go how many consultations you would like.

Initial: £130 (1 hour)

Follow up: £120 (50 minutes)

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3 consultation package


Receive 1 initial consultation (1 hour) and 2 follow up consultations (50 minutes) to use within 3 months.

Package: £329

Save £41!

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6 consultation package

(best value!)

Receive 1 initial consultation (1 hour) and 5 follow up consultations (50 minutes) to use within 6 months.

Pacakage: £599

Save: £131!

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Meet Emma Townsin

Specialist Eating DisorderĀ Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


True eating disorder recovery goes further than simply tolerating enough food. It is about recovery from obssessive and unsupportive food and body thoughts and redeveloping trust and connection with your body.

Combining my work as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor as well as a Registered Dietitian in Eating Disorders, I support you to take the next step in your recovery while being able to work with any eating disorder thoughts or behaviours that may arise.

I have completed training in eating disorders, intuitive eating and trauma-informed care and receive supervision from specialist dietitians in these areas so you know you are in safe hands to make food feel easy and peaceful.


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