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Stop stressing over food e-book


"5 steps to get started with intuitive eating" e-book

This e-book is for you if you relate to any of the following:

  • You feel out of control around foods especially in the evenings or on the weekends
  • You find yourself emotional eating, binge eating or stress eating
  • You have constant thoughts toward food especially unhealthy food
  • You are often on a diet or planning your next diet but end up back in the same place
  • You eat more when you are stressed, upset or angry and then feel even worse
  • What you eat makes you feel guilt, shame or embarrassment
  • You plan your life around what you can eat but it interferes with living your life the way you really want

If you relate to any of these, then this e-book can help you find food freedom.

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What's in the e-book?

  • 5 actionable steps that you can use today to start feeling at peace with food
  • Guided explorations to translate the information into your own experiences so you can fit it into your life
  • Practical activities so you can start to eat intuitively and feel good around food


  • Stop dieting without feeling out of control around food
  • Learn how to eat in response to your appetite
  • Feel satisfied from eating
  • Stop having obsessive food thoughts
  • Start feeling confident in your body

It's exhausting to think about food all the time. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Stop stressing over food e-book

Intuitive eating can help you break up with stressful and emotional eating

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