Intuitive Eating Explained


11-part series taking a deep dive into intuitive eating and each of the principles so you can find your food and life freedom.

New videos coming out each week Wednesday afternoon).

Episode 1: What is Intuitive Eating

What exactly is Intuitive Eating? How is it different from trying to eat healthy? How can I know I am doing it right? We take a zoomed out look at what intuitive eating is in this first part of our 11 part series exploring the principles of how to eat intuitively.

Episode 2: Rejecting diet culture

We take a deep dive into what rejecting the diet mentality really means in week 2 of intuitive eating explained.

Is stopping dieting enough to tick this principle off? What even is the diet mentality? What steps can I take to reject the diet mentality?

Episode 3: Honour your hunger

Learn why honouring your hunger is really vital to stopping binge eating and obsessive food thoughts. In this episode we explore Principle 2 of the intuitive eating framework Honour Your Hunger.

Learn how you can start honouring your hunger even if you feel out of touch with it.

Episode 4: Make peace with food

We explore why you need to stop the deprivation mindset around foods to stop feeling intense cravings and uncomfortable eating of restricted foods.

Learn why and how to make peace with food.

Episode 5: Challenge the food police

We explore what the food police are and how they hold you back from feelig joy and peace from food.

Learn two steps to start challenging the food police today.

Episode 6: Feel your fullness

Next week we take a look at principle 5 of the intuitive eating framework and learn how to feel your fullness so you can eat comfortably!

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